Timepiece Repair and Restoration

Watchworks is known for their expert repair department largely due to the skill of their head watchmaker Paul Manney who has been an essential part of the team for over 26 years. Paul trained at Wostep, (Watchmakers of Switzerland Extension Program,) both in the USA and in Switzerland. Paul’s expertise combined with literally millions of rare watch parts gathered through the years allows restoration of timepieces others would think are un-repairable.

There is nothing simple about offering and completing service on vintage and modern timepieces. Many of the major watch brands have successfully limited distribution of necessary spare parts to monopolize the repair of their watches both to ensure customer confidence in the brand by blocking unqualified technicians but also as a center of profitability.

Depending on the brand and model, some watches can only be professionally done by the authorized service center that supports that brand. Our consultation will always endeavor to make the recommendation that best serves the needs of the timepiece in a professional manner. In many instances vintage objects cannot be served by the authorized service center as spare parts are no longer in production; in this case Watchworks will attempt repair as possible while trying to maintain the originality of the timepiece.

Our goal is to offer expert advice and repair services regardless of what serves our business model – meaning we will try to dissuade clients from chasing projects that likely will offer continuous difficulties or are poor economic models with regard to restoration costs. Not every watch should be fixed. Restoration is an economic model that applies to the clients ie: Is uncle Henry’s watch worth fixing? Sentimental value aside – does it make sense to spend on an object of modest value? The same is true of projects with extreme problems. Can we solve them at a price that both makes sense to the client and not invest more time in the repair than the bill covers? Will the timepiece offer continued difficulties due to age, neglect, original build quality etc.?

An object is only original once.

Dials age – UV, moisture, and other factors can have dials appear old. Dial refinishing is possible yet professional dial refinishers can’t always satisfy and approach the quality of the original. Once refinished said dial cannot be un-refinished. Proceed with caution.

Please consider whether you would like your timepiece polished and made to look as new as possible or if you would like to preserve the timepiece without removing the nicks and scratches daily use typically causes. There is a premium on watches that have never been polished.


Discover the value of your collection

From identification to evaluation, our appraiser will provide the proper documentation whether for insurance, fair market value or liquidation purposes.

Custom Design

Let our platinum and goldsmith transform your dreams into reality with precious stones from your collection or ours. With a photograph, a drawing, or even a word picture, our artisan craftsman will create a one-of-a kind piece that reflects precisely your vision and style.

We can also help you refresh a favorite keepsake, or update a treasured heirloom

Consulting & Sourcing

Can’t find the right Watch?

With countless variations of watch model, age, various conditional factors and levels of completeness with regard to box and or papers it is difficult to always have on hand exactly what clients are looking for.  We are, however, happy to try to accommodate special requests and have many colleagues and resources to draw from.  We try not to simply buy things on behalf of clients from untrusted sources for the same reasons that we do not recommend clients put themselves at risk in the same way; there are too many sharks in the water.