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Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 1675


Pre-Owned Rolex 40mm GMT-Master ‘Root Beer’ Brown Dial, Stainless Steel and 14k Yellow Gold Jubilee Bracelet, Ref. 1675

The GMT-Master was designed to meet the expanding era of commercial flight whereby pilots and travelers alike found themselves in different time zones in a single day. By adding a fourth hand to the dial and a 24-hour scale on a rotating bezel, pilots could easily track time in multiple time zones. This reference 1675 marks the first use of the bicolored, brown and gold bezel, and thus is the true start of the ‘Root Beer’ GMT. This brown dial with nipple gold indexes includes an acrylic crystal and is operated by a Rolex caliber 1570 movement. The dial is in excellent condition, very clean, especially given the age. The lume also appears to be original with some minor cracking and fading, as to be expected with age. The minute hand, however, has a much richer glow, implying that it may have been re-lumed at some point in time. The steel and 18k gold jubilee bracelet is not free of stretch and has decent life left in it, as expected from a vintage jubilee from this era. Overall, this vintage ‘Root Beer’ GMT-Master is a rare find, and today, these first iterations of the GMT-Master are relatively difficult to find, and it would be expected that they will become even more scarce in the future.