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Graham Chronofighter Ref: 2CVAS.B05A


Pre-owned Graham 44mm Chronofighter Black Dial, Leather Strap, Ref: 2CVAS.B05A

This Chronofighter watch is number 7 of 15 edition.  The Chronofighter Vintage was inspired by military pilots’ watches of the 1940s. Consistent with several Graham models, the Chronofighter Vintage features the distinctive trigger system. The thumb-operated trigger, positioned on the left flank of the case, proves highly intuitive to use. Its design and location facilitate quick operation of the chronograph functions, ensuring recorded times faithfully represent the duration of an event.  Often when a watch is worn on the left arm and the wearer flexes their wrist, the protrusions on the right flank of the case gouge the wrist, chafe the skin or inhibit free movement. By locating the crown and trigger system on the left side of the case, the Chronofighter Vintage can be worn free of such problems.