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Grand Seiko Ref. SBGX091


Pre-Owned Grand Seiko 39mm, Gray Dial, Stainless Steel Bracelet, Ref. SBGX091

The Grand Seiko Quartz SBGX091 is a watch that effortlessly combines style and precision. This timepiece boasts a 39mm stainless steel case with a smooth bezel, giving it a clean and timeless look. The case is a masterpiece, with a polished bezel that matches nicely with the sharp case, which is brushed on top and has the so call ”zaratsu” polishing on the sides that makes a distortion free reflection. The dial has the same treatment as the case with hands that look as sharp as scissors and markers that are so well finished that can grab any ray of light to make a beautiful reflection.

This Grand Seiko is powered by a 9F61 quartz movement that is known for its accuracy and reliability (accurate to 10 seconds per year). No need to wind it every day; it keeps ticking precisely. The stainless steel bracelet is comfortable and secure, thanks to the folding push-button clasp. Whether you’re dressing up or going casual, the Grand Seiko Quartz SBGX091 is a versatile companion that combines classic design with precision timekeeping.



Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ‘Tantalum’ Ref. 14790TR


Pre-Owned Audemars Piguet 36mm Royal Oak ‘Tantalum’ Gray Dial, Integrated Tantalum and 18k Rose Gold Bracelet, Ref. 14790TR

This remarkable timepiece, circa 1990, has just returned from a factory service at Audemars Piguet, ensuring it will continue to run as smoothly as the day it was born, with the 2023 service papers included, as well as its original box, and hang tag. This Royal Oak features an unusual and striking 36mm tantalum case in a sharp and angular design that is a signature of the Royal Oak collection. The two-toned case features an unconventional combination of a rare material called tantalum and 18K rose gold. Tantalum is a material that is almost as heavy as platinum and it is more commonly used in aerospace and medical fields. This material is notoriously difficult to work with, but produces a watch that appears darker than stainless steel while also being stronger than black ceramic. It is a watch that begs to be seen in person.

Needless to say, the case is an impressive example of craftmanship as expected of Audemars Piguet, with a rose gold bezel, crown, and center links. The subtle contrast between both metals elegantly complements each other. The dial is also rather unusual.  While most Royal Oaks come with a tapisserie guilloche on the dial, this reference features a brushed slate grey dial with some slight texturing on the surface, which integrates with the overall watch.. The integrated bracelet is a harmonious blend of tantalum and 18k rose gold that showcases both strength and refinement. Fastening securely with a folding hidden clasp, it completes the ensemble with a touch of understated luxury. The watch is powered by the Audemars Piguet in-house and self-winding 2225 caliber movement, ensuring precise timekeeping that’s synonymous with the brand’s legacy of watchmaking excellence

Tudor Black Bay Ref. 7941A


Pre-Owned Tudor 41mm Black Bay, Black Dial, Stainless Steel Bracelet, Ref. 7941A

TUDOR introduces the new Black Bay with a burgundy bezel featuring both technical and aesthetic developments. This model features evolved design elements, a “T-fit” clasp, and is Master Chronometer-certified by METAS.

The original Black Bay first launched in 2012 with a burgundy bezel and it was given the Caliber in 2016. Now it returns in a third evolution foreshadowing the aesthetic and technical future of the line. Named Black Bay, this emblematic design in the TUDOR collection is another example of TUDOR’s expert command of one of the industry’s most demanding standards in terms of chronometry and resistance to magnetic fields. Tested by the Federal Institute of Metrology or METAS, the Black Bay brings together cutting-edge watchmaking technology with design elements inspired by TUDOR’s nearly seven-decade heritage of making robust professional diving watches.

The Black Bay 7941A includes a stainless steel case measuring 41mm and a uni-directional rotating bezel, sporting a striking red aluminum 60-minute insert, which adds a pop of color and functionality for divers and adventurers alike. The black dial, adorned with luminous hands and hour markers, ensures readability in any light condition. Under the hood, the METAS certified self-winding MT5602-U caliber movement with a 70 hour power reserve keeps things ticking with precision and reliability. Completing the package is a stainless steel bracelet with a TUDOR “T-fit” clasp equipped with a system for rapid length adjustment. Easy to use, requiring no tools and offering five positions, this practical system allows wearers to carry out a fine, instant adjustment of the total length of the bracelet along an adjustment window of 8mm. The clasp features ceramic ball bearings that ensure a smooth and secure closure in addition to adding a pleasing tactile element to the action of the clasp.

This new edition Tudor Black Bay 7941A from 2023 includes complete box and papers.

Tudor Black Bay Ceramic Ref. 79210


Pre-Owned Tudor 41mm Black Bay Ceramic, Black Dial, Black Hybrid Rubber and Leather Strap, Ref. 79210

A truly iconic watch in the Tudor collection is the Black Bay, waterproof to a depth of 200 meters (660 feet). The Black Bay line includes the Black Bay Ceramic with its 41 mm matt black ceramic case (available with a hybrid leather and rubber dive watch strap and a complimentary black fabric strap), Black Bay Bronze with a 43 mm bronze case and Black Bay 58 with a 39 mm bronze, gold, silver or steel case, are all models which feature dials inspired by the TUDOR divers’ watches produced during the 1950s. The Black Bay line is the result of subtle combinations of historical aesthetic codes and contemporary watchmaking. Far from simply being an identical re-release of a classic, it brings together over 60 years of TUDOR divers’ watches at the same time as being resolutely anchored in the present.

The Black Bay Ceramic 79210, is a testiment of precision and style. This sport watch boasts a 41mm black ceramic case with a uni-directional rotating bezel that features a matching black ceramic 60-minute insert, providing both functionality and a sleek aesthetic. The striking black dial includes luminous hands and hour markers, ensuring perfect legibility in any lighting condition. At the heart of this watch lies the self-winding MT5602-1U caliber movement, which is COSC certified and a testament to Tudor’s commitment to impeccable engineering and accuracy. To enhance your comfort and style, the Black Bay Ceramic 79210 comes with a hybrid leather and rubber strap in a sleek black hue, combining the luxurious feel of leather with the resilience of rubber. Securing it to your wrist is a folding fliplock clasp, making it effortlessly adjustable and secure during your daily adventures. Elevate your wrist game with the Tudor Black Bay Ceramic 79210, where precision, craftsmanship, and timeless design converge to create a timepiece that’s ready to accompany you on every journey.  This watch from 2023 includes complete box and papers.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Ref. 310.


Pre-Owned Omega 42mm Speedmaster Professional, Black Dial, Stainless Steel Bracelet, Ref. 310.

The Speedmaster Moonwatch is one of the world’s most iconic timepieces. Having been a part of all six moon landings, the legendary chronograph is an impressive representation of the brand’s adventurous pioneering spirit. Presented on a brushed five-arched-links-per-row bracelet, this 42mm Moonwatch in stainless steel features hesalite glass on the front and an embossed Seahorse medallion on the caseback. Inspired by the 4th generation Speedmaster style worn on the moon, it also includes an asymmetrical case, black step dial and the famous dot over 90 on the anodised aluminium bezel ring. The watch is driven by the Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Caliber 3861, which powers the small seconds sub-dial, 30-minute recorder and 12-hour recorder, along with the central chronograph function. This latest edition Speedmaster from 2021 includes box and papers.

Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 116621


Pre-Owned Rolex 40mm Yacht-Master, Chocholate Dial, Oyster Bracelet, Ref. 116621

The Rolex Yacht-Master was first introduced in 1992 as a luxury sports watch designed specifically for sailors and yacht enthusiasts. It was initially offered in a 40mm size with a platinum bezel and stainless steel case and bracelet. Over the years, the Yacht-Master has undergone several updates, including the introduction of new sizes, materials, and movements, and has become one of Rolex’s most popular and iconic models. Today, the Yacht-Master is available in a variety of sizes, from 37mm to 42mm, and is offered in a range of materials, including gold, steel, and platinum.

The Yacht-Master 116621, a timeless masterpiece for those who appreciate the finest in watch craftsmanship. This exquisite timepiece features a 40mm stainless steel case paired with an elegant 18k rose gold bi-directional rotating bezel. The rich chocolate dial is adorned with luminous hands and hour markers, ensuring easy readability in any lighting conditions, and it includes a convenient date reference. Powering this exceptional watch is the self-winding 3135 caliber movement, known for its precision and reliability. Completing the look is the stainless steel and 18k rose gold Oyster bracelet, creating a perfect blend of style and functionality for the discerning individual. Elevate your wristwear with the Rolex Yacht-Master 116621, a symbol of luxury and sophistication. This watch comes complete with box and papers.

Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126720


Pre-Owned Rolex 40mm GMT-Master II, Black Dial, Oyster Bracelet, Ref. 126720

The Rolex GMT-Master was initially developed in 1954 in collaboration with Pan American Airways, with the aim of providing pilots with a watch that could display multiple time zones simultaneously. The original model featured a 24-hour bezel and a fourth hand that could be set to a second time zone. Over the years, the GMT-Master underwent various design changes and upgrades, including the addition of the iconic red and blue “Pepsi” bezel in 1959. In 1982, the GMT-Master II was introduced, which allowed for the independent adjustment of the hour hand, making it easier to track multiple time zones. Today, the Rolex GMT-Master II remains one of the most popular and sought-after luxury watches in the world.

The GMT-Master II 126720, a timeless masterpiece of precision and style. This iconic timepiece boasts a 40mm stainless steel case, setting the stage for unparalleled durability and sophistication. Notable for its distinctive left-hand side crown placement, the GMT-Master II 126720 is designed to stand out. The bi-directional rotating bezel features a striking black and green 24-hour Cerachrom insert, ensuring you can easily track two time zones with precision. Its black dial showcases luminous hands and hour markers, including a GMT hand for effortless timekeeping across continents. Plus, stay on schedule with the convenient date reference. Under the hood, the self-winding 3285 caliber movement ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Complementing the watch is a robust stainless steel Oyster bracelet, completing the perfect balance of form and function. Elevate your style and stay ahead of the world with the Rolex GMT-Master II 126720. It’s not just a watch; it’s a symbol of excellence and sophistication.

Rolex Lady Datejust ‘President’ Ref. 279178


Pre-Owned Rolex 28mm Lady Datejust ‘President’ Champagne Diamond Dial, President Bracelet, Ref. 279178

The Rolex Datejust was first introduced in 1945 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Rolex brand. It was the world’s first self-winding wristwatch with a date display on the dial, and its timeless design has made it one of the most iconic and recognizable watches in the world. Over the years, the Datejust has been updated with new features and materials, but it has remained true to its original design and functionality.

The Rolex Lady Datejust ‘President’ 279178 is a symbol of timeless elegance and luxury. The 28mm 18k yellow gold case boasts enduring craftsmanship, while the matching 18k yellow gold President bracelet with folding crown clasp not only secures the watch to your wrist but also adds an additional touch of opulence. The champagne dial of the Rolex Lady Datejust ‘President’ 279178 features exquisite diamond hour markers, with a practical date reference that enhances its functionality.

Notably, this Rolex Lady Datejust ‘President’ 279178 has undergone meticulous servicing in 2023, guaranteeing peak performance for years to come. Beneath the surface, this watch is powered by the reliable self-winding 2236 caliber movement, an exceptional movement that combines precision with dependability, making it an ideal companion for everyday wear.

Rolex Explorer Ref. 124273


Pre-Owned Rolex 36mm Explorer, Black Dial, Oyster Bracelet, Ref. 124273

The Rolex Explorer was first introduced in 1953, following Sir Edmund Hillary’s successful climb of Mount Everest. It was designed specifically for exploration and mountaineering, with features like a highly legible dial, robust construction, and resistance to extreme temperatures and pressure changes. Over the years, the Explorer has undergone several updates and refinements, but it remains a popular choice among adventurers and watch enthusiasts alike.

The Oyster Perpetual Explorer in Oystersteel and 18k yellow gold features a distinctive black dial with the characteristic 3, 6, and 9 numerals with a chromalight display. Its highly legible hour markers, extremely resistant Oystersteel and waterproofness have made it a tool watch for exploration. Powered by a self winding 3230 caliber movement, which offers a 70 hour power reserve. Attached to the case is an Oyster bracelet in stainless steel and 18k yellow gold, with a folding Oysterlock and safety catch with Easylink extension. This like new Rolex Explorer comes complete with the original box and papers.

Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116710


Pre-Owned Rolex 40mm GMT-Master II, Black Dial, Oyster Bracelet, Ref. 116710

The Rolex GMT-Master was initially developed in 1954 in collaboration with Pan American Airways, with the aim of providing pilots with a watch that could display multiple time zones simultaneously. The original model featured a 24-hour bezel and a fourth hand that could be set to a second time zone. Over the years, the GMT-Master underwent various design changes and upgrades, including the addition of the iconic red and blue “Pepsi” bezel in 1959. In 1982, the GMT-Master II was introduced, which allowed for the independent adjustment of the hour hand, making it easier to track multiple time zones. Today, the Rolex GMT-Master II remains one of the most popular and sought-after luxury watches in the world.

In 2007, Rolex introduced the ceramic bezel to the GMT-Master II, which when first produced could only be made in one color.  Traditionally, GMT Masters had included a bi-color aluminum bezel, so the single black color bezel was unusual.  Rolex was able to produce bi-color ceramic bezels starting with the Batman in 2013, but the all black Cerachrom bezel was so popular it continued in production until 2018. This makes this Rolex somewhat unique, being both the first and last all black ceramic bezel on a GMT Master. As a GMT Master II, it includes a dual time zone with a green GMT arrowhead hour hand, which also has a luminous fill.  The local time is easily set by jumping from hour to hour, thanks to the winding crown that adjusts the hour hand forwards or backwards independently of the minute and seconds hands.  The 40mm watch uses the patented Triplock screw-down crown that protects the Rolex 3186 caliber automatic movement, which is a COSC certified Superlative Chronometer.  With this reference, Rolex also introduced to the GMT Master the Oyster bracelet with Oysterlock folding clasp and 5mm Easylink extension.  While this all-black bezel does not have the cult following of the Pepsi or Batman bi-color bezels, it is the first steel GMT Master II to feature the Cerachrom bezel and it is the last GMT Master II in a single color bezel.  A watch worth serious consideration by watch collectors and fans of the Rolex Submariner. This watch from 2018, the last year of this reference, comes complete with box and papers.

Omega Seamaser Diver 300M Quartz Ref. 2224.80.00


Pre-Owned Omega 28mm Seamaser Diver 300M Quartz, Blue Dial, Stainless Steel Bracelet, Ref. 2224.80.00

Omega’s sporty Seamaster collection is a tribute to the brand’s maritime legacy. This exquisite example of renowned watchmaking pays homage to Omega’s dive watch heritage and Omega’s adventurous pioneering spirit. This model features a blue, wave-patterned dial with a date window at the 3 o’clock position. The distinctive dial is visible through a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The blue unidirectional rotating bezel is mounted on a 28mm stainless steel case that is accompanied on a stainless steel bracelet. The Omega Seamaster Diver 300M is powered by Omega’s caliber 1424, a quartz precision movement with an end of battery life indicator.

Rolex Explorer II Ref. 16570


Pre-Owned Rolex 40mm Explorer II, White Dial, Oyster Bracelet, Ref. 16570

The Rolex Explorer II was first introduced in 1971 as a tool watch designed for cave explorers and adventurers who needed a timepiece that could withstand extreme conditions. The initial model, the Ref. 1655, featured a 24-hour bezel and an orange 24-hour hand, which made it easier to distinguish between day and night in environments where sunlight is scarce. Since then, the Explorer II has undergone several updates and improvements, including the addition of a new movement, a larger case size, and a more refined design. Today, it remains one of Rolex’s most iconic and sought-after models, known for its durability, accuracy, and distinctive style.

The Rolex Explorer II 16570 – a timeless masterpiece that seamlessly blends style, functionality, and precision. With a 40mm stainless steel case and a fixed 24-hour bezel, this timepiece is designed for those who seek adventure and elegance in one package. The white dial of the Explorer II 16570 serves as a canvas for legible timekeeping, featuring luminous hands and hour markers that ensure clear visibility in any lighting condition. The dedicated GMT hand, also illuminated for easy reading, allows you to track a second time zone effortlessly. The date reference adds practicality to this already exceptional watch. Driven by the self-winding 3185 caliber movement, the Rolex Explorer II 16570 offers unmatched accuracy and reliability. The movement’s precision ensures that you’re always on time, no matter where your journeys take you. Completing the package is the stainless steel Oyster bracelet, a hallmark of Rolex’s iconic design. The bracelet is not only a statement of durability but also a symbol of comfort for extended wear. The folding fliplock clasp ensures a secure fit, making it an ideal companion for your active lifestyle. With its classic design and cutting-edge features, the Rolex Explorer II 16570 is more than a watch – it’s a testament to your unwavering pursuit of excellence and exploration.